Legal Planning Tips for Assisting Aging Relatives

When your parents or other relatives start to need additional care and support as they age, you’ll all have some challenges to face. You’ll have to support them emotionally through this difficult time as well as any physical care they might need. As well as this, certain legal planning and support will probably be required. This can be extremely difficult since most people don’t have legal training or education under their belt.

To help you through this, here are some of our legal planning tips for assisting your aging relatives.

Prepare early

It is good to talk openly with your parents about the decisions they need to make and their future needs. It is better to have these conversations sooner rather than later in case their mental faculties begin to decline. Talk about how they want to live as they age – are they adamant about staying at home or can you start considering options like assisted living and retirements communities?

Involve them as much as possible in making decisions

Even in the later stages of aging when you are the one caring for your parents, it is still important to involve them in any important decisions. If your relative is facing something like dementia, then this will become much more difficult, which is why approaching it early is a good idea.

Understand their situation

It can be important that you know information related to their finances and their healthcare, or that you at least know how to access this information and any relevant documents. Important financial documents include anything relating to their pension, their bank account details, any savings bonds they have, insurance documents, and their 401(k).

Will and power of attorney

Your aging relatives should have a last will and testament and should assign a power of attorney. If they haven’t already taken care of this things in advance, you should support them in performing these tasks as soon as possible. You should hire a trusted attorney to help your parent or relative with these documents. If you are power of attorney for your aging relative, this means you will be responsible for making decisions in their last days or if they are no longer capable to make decisions for themselves.

If you need additional help with providing care for your elderly relatives or handling their legal needs, then we’re here to help anyone in and around Bermuda Run, NC. Get in touch to find out more about our retirement community and the other services we can provide.

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