Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

When living at home becomes too much for you or an elderly family member, there are a few different directions you could go in when it comes to arranging care and a more manageable lifestyle. Two popular senior living options are independent living and assisted living. Read on to find out the difference between these two and evaluate which would suit you best.

What is independent living?

An independent living community tends to be an apartment block or a private estate containing housing for seniors. A variety of facilities and amenities will also be on-site for seniors to use if they choose to. These may include laundry facilities, medical care, dining options, entertainment venues, housekeeping, and more. Some independent living communities include these services in the rent while others have them available at additional fees.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living communities provide a higher level of care than independent living, but they offer more independence than staying in a nursing home. Residents have their own apartments and then there are lots of facilities like a dining hall providing meals for all residents. Members of staff can provide medical care and help with dressing, bathing, and grooming if it is required. Regular events and activities are run within the community, and housekeeping and laundry services are provided.

How to choose

The main difference between independent and assisted living is the level of independence you can have. While independent living offers various services, you do not have to use them. So, it is ideal for seniors who are still fully capable of taking care of themselves but are looking for a more social environment and a smaller home to care for. Facilities are there if they want to use them.

Assisted living provides more care for residents, so it is better for those who can no longer live a fully independent life. Seniors with medical issues that they need regular support for and those with impairing mobility issues will be better suited to assisted living. Both assisted and independent living provide a social environment for seniors, which helps to battle issues like loneliness and depression.

It all comes down to the level of care you or your family member needs. Here at Bermuda Village, we offer both independent living and assisted living. So, all you need to do is decide which option is right for you and then get in touch to arrange for either independent or assisted living in Bermuda Run, North Carolina.

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